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About Us

Learn more about the Quality Express VTC and get to know us better!

Quality Express was founded in August 2018 by Marius and DenQuaads. Our main focus is to give all our members the true trucker experience, and also give them the community of their life. Our community is caring, serious and dedicated, but we never forget to have fun. Since our launch we have been invited to various events across the TruckersMP community, and we are attending a lot of events in the future. Our drivers are active and friendly, so you will make new friends for life in no-time joining the VTC, you will neither have any trouble finding anyone to drive with.


Our history isn't too long

August 2018

VTC Founded

Quality Express was founded by Marius and DenQuaads

February 2019

VTU Approved VTC

Our VTC joined the VTU - Virtual Truckers Union and got certified as an approved VTC

August 2019


We changed our logo and paintjob and hosted an event for it

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in joining Quality Express! To join our driver team, just click the "Apply" button in the top right corner of your screen and fill out the form with correct information! To speed up your application review, join our Discord and tag management in the general chat. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

We focus on giving the true trucking experience with professional staff and convoy control. Our management is always active, nonstop innovating the VTC.

Yes! Unlike other VTCs, we do. We believe in change and give TMP drivers a second chance.


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